Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm staying longer!

Moo and I with some of our students and some of the cell group girls at the end of term party yesterday

So it’s official, I’m staying now in Cambodia until April 20th, just after Khmer New Year. I do miss home, but I’m not quite ready to leave here yet. It felt too rushed. There’s still quite a few things to do, and we’re hoping to spend Khmer New Year up north in Mondulkiri, a beautiful Cambodian province. It’s an eco-tourism spot. Apparently, even in the dry season (which is now) it’s still lush and green with rolling hills and waterfalls. And it’s a bit cooler. We may actually have to wear a light sweater in the evenings. Oh, I’m so excited! Mondulkiri is also much more tribal. I think it’ll be really interesting. One of Moo and I’s students, Savy, is from there. The only 2 things we have to watch out for are malaria probabilities and actually booking a guesthouse for 6 to 8 girls. So hopefully it all works out!
This weekend was the Encounter. There was so much excitement. I didn’t know any of the people that went to it, but it was still cool to see what God was doing in their lives. And it’s such a blessing to be here for it. 3 years ago, it was our little team from Canada who helped get them started. God is so good.

Moo planned an “end of term” party for Sunday 4 pm. I ended up playing piano at all 3 services that day, so it was a bit hectic. Between being there for practices and for each service, skipping out in between the first two for breakfast with Leah, Omy, Anna and Karen, then going home, prepping the pasta salad, having a short nap, and being back to church for piano class at 3, and then the party and last service…. Somehow it all fit.

The party was an outreach idea Moo came up with. Michelle teaches one class from Tuesday to Thursday. Most of them also attend my small 10am class. So we invited them to a party on Sunday, and combined it with our cell group. Chanra, our cell leader, organized some of the food. I just made the pasta salad, which is western food, so it was their first time trying it; and they loved it! The cell group girls had organized games and it was quite fun. Many of our students showed up. It’s hard to know for sure, but I think the majority of them are not Christian. We met on the roof of the church. And after the party, everyone joined the Encounter celebration downstairs.

The place was packed to overflowing. It was a sea of people. It was a lot like our Encounter comeback at home, except that the lights were off (all except for the stage ones) and they used candles to light the path for the Encounter participants to run in. And they were so excited! Their testimonies were more shouting that God is great than anything else! I think freedom from unforgiveness was the greatest testimony for these people, as most of them have had a difficult life. I know that there’s a lot of deliverance ministry at the Encounter here, people who have been plagued with generations of demonic influence. The Encounter has been such a blessing to this church!


Blogger saz =) said...

Great idea girls!

And yay! You're staying longer! Oh I so wish I could have stayed around for Khmer New Year. Wherever you are you'll have much fun!

And I've heard so many great things about the post-Encounter welcome back, praise God that he is working to heal broken relationships in Cambodia!

Stay faithful: you ARE making a difference sister =)

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