Saturday, August 22, 2009

God's provision

So, I mentioned already how I'm working on campus. It's a 20 hr a week job, doing custodial. So far, this whole trip, I've seen God taking care of all of my needs, big and small. Firstly, there was this job, of course, which I'd originally been told would not be available, but found out things had changed by the time I got here. Then, there was the man I met when I arrived.

I was waiting for the suitcases to come out on the carousel, and randomly, a guy made a mention to me of how long it was taking. I agreed, half mindlessly, only thinking of how I'd get to school from there (no, I had not worked that out before departure). So I asked the gentleman how to catch a taxi here, and he explained. From there, he asked me where I was going, and we chatted for a few minutes. During this time, I discovered he was a Christian, and his wife's family had been involved in founding PBC in its early years. In the end, he offered to drive me to the school if I didn't mind! So I got a taxi ride for free!!

The next day, as I registered for courses and paid for my semester, I found that it cost less than I expected.

Then, there's also the fact that I haven't had to buy much at all here, as far as blankets, or towels, etc. We have a freebee pile here in the dorm, from things left behind by past residents.

And then this morning... Yesterday, after purchasing an online library software called Logos, I found I couldn't upload it into my computer. My built-in CD player was broken... I'm assuming that was from those Cambodian DVD I watched on it. I was really frustrated, and simply said "God, I don't know what to do about this... please help me!" Then I moved on. I only mentioned it once later in the evening when I hung out with some of my new co-workers.

This morning at breakfast, I introduced myself to one of the guys I hadn't met yet. When I said my name, his response was "oh, you're the girl who has the Mac problems..." It just so happens that he works for the Mac store!!! One of the guys told him about my problem last night, and he just so happened to get up early and have breakfast this morning, at the same time I did, and just happened to sit beside me... that's really cool. And now he's going to help me solve this problem!

Before I left, I got a little nervous about finances, to be honest. The severance pay I'll be receiving from work hasn't come in yet. Fortunately I'd been saving up, so I had enough for this semester. But I didn't know how things would work out.

But, once again, God's proven how much he watches over me, over all of us, even in those things we don't think are worth that much attention! Oh, I'm so glad! It's so reassuring to know that wherever you are, God is always with you!


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